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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 26, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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years but my federal government finally recognized that my heartbeats and loves no differently than anybody else's. a lot of people have suffered many, many years as a result of the inequities, but finally america is crossing over this hurdle. it is great not just for the lgbt community but the entire country. every american should be proud today that their government stated that every american is deserving of respect and dignity and validation. >> hearing there from the san francisco senator mark leno. >> lots of reaction coming in right now, whether for or against. a lot of it for, obviously in the bay area. tara moriarty was out there as soon as is decision came down. she is outside city hall this morning. okay, we are not going to her, but there the reaction from san francisco. let's go to more from earlier this morning. >> one of the biggest days of our lives. this is probably the biggest legal victory for our community, certainly in my
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lifetime. it feels incredible. >> it is here at last, after all this waiting. years we have been waiting. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reaction coming in from the city. boy, this affect is really coming in quick for a lot of the states that banned same-sex marriage. we just got word here that mississippi's attorney general says they will not immediately perform same-sex marriages. that goes opposite to what we heard from texas and also from georgia this morning that said that they will -- they are allowing the county clerks there to perform same-sex marriages. this decision coming in quickly. we expected it to happen three weeks from now. more reaction coming in as we can see from this historic decision today. >> let's head out to the young lady bringing us this theme live from the san francisco city hall. tara moriarty, you have been doing a great job bringing us a
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lot of people celebrating. no gavin newsom sighting. we expect the news conference to start any minute, right? >> reporter: definitely. there are a lot of people that gathered out here in front of city hall. this is the crowd we knew would be coming eventually. last time we had so many people when the important decision came down about the state of california. this morning there weren't too many folks. now you can see the crowd is really, really growing and people are very excited. they have been so kind to share their stories with us this morning and all of the struggles they endured coming up to this point. right now we understand that the press conference is about ready to get under way. the lieutenant governor gavin newsom has spear head this had entire movement and he will be speaking. we understand that jerry brown is also at city hall but for another event. we are not sure if he will be stepping out here. it looks like there are people trickling out but i am not sure there are any of the dignitaries we were hoping for.
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the mayor will also be speaking. come on over here. this is couple we talked to earlier. i don't know if you remember. hello, ladies. >> hi! >> reporter: i know you guys are really owe emotional earlier. there were a lot of -- really emotional earlier. there were a lot of tears and hugs when the decision was first announced. now that it has sunk in a little bit, how do you you feel? >> happy. >> very happy. >> we went to the coffee shop and a lot of people said we saw you on tv. congratulations! >> a lot of happiness on the streets. everybody said hi and congratulations. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> very, very good. excellent. i can't explain, but it is still feeling good. it feels good. it feels good. >> reporter: i want to know, how did you guys meet? >> we met at a bar --
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>> reporter: oh, no! >> it is closed down. it was in morin. it was live love at first sight. we have been together for the 22 years and we got married on valentine's day this year in 2015. yes. it feels good. >> reporter: are you already thinking about renewing those vows? there will be a lot of partying. >> we want to. >> reporter: let's pick a state, right? >> we want to. >> reporter: we understand in texas they are lining up to get married. >> it is amazing. i feel -- i have never had this feeling before. i can't even tell you what it is. >> reporter: thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
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have a good time. i don't know if we can sort of pan over this way. thanks again. you can kind of see how much the crowd has gotten bigger. we would like to check back in later this morning with the same sex couple that was lined up to be married. the marriage commissioner will be marrying them. we will keep you posted on how their morning is progressing. back to you. [stay tuned for more captions]
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within a morning, california issues same-sex marriage licenses. california voters approved proposition 8 a ban on same-sex marriage. in may of 2009, a lawsuit is filed in federal court seeking to overturn prop 8. in august of 2010 in the federal trial, chief u.s. district judge vaughn walker rules prop 8 is unconstitutional he stays the ruling white the case
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continues. february 2012 the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals finds prop 8 unconstitutional on narrower grounds, the stay stays in place. in june 2013 the supreme court voids the ruling on prop 8 saying backers didn't have legal standing to appeal the ruling. two days later same-sex marriage resumed. there have been at least 18,000 same-sex marriages in california to date. >> i remember san francisco and other counties made the switch when you have to write out for the marriage license. it says spouse one, spouse two. >> the situation has changes over the years. wonder what's going to happen with gavin newsom and all this,
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and it happened. they had celebrated small victories all along but everything we're hearing from people is that this is a big victory. there's no going back. >> i don't know this feeling. i don't know what it is. >> it's new for everyone. it's on social media as well in terms of the reaction. we are getting tweets now from mayor libby schaaf. she says today is a historic and euphoric day with scotus ruling in favor of marriage equality. our union became a little more perfect with the hashtag ovewins. >> barbara boxer says my heart is full of joy because the supreme court recognized that all americans should be able to marry the person they love. >> the white house itself can tweet, we are people who believe that every child is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. alice at 97.3 a great radio
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station in the bay area. they say now it's just called marriage. tim cook apple's ceo saying here today marks a victory for equality, perseverance and love. >> tim cook coming out as gay not too long ago and he is proud of it. >> he said people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. and we think we have one more tweet from tim there. that's about it. >> let's revisit some of the president's remarks. he addressed the supreme court decision just about an hour ago. >> this decision will end the patchwork system we currently have. it will end the uncertainty hundreds of thousands of same- sex couples face from not knowing whether their marriage legitimate in the eyes of one state will remain if they decide to move or even visit another.
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this ruling will strengthen all of our communities by offering to all loving same-sex couples by offering marriage. >> that was the president speaking about 30 minutes ago. right after the supreme court decision that came down today. before we go to jerry brown's reaction not everyone agrees with the ruling. this is from a group save their, um, their spokesman says the supreme court got this wrong because of a narrow majority of justices do not fear god and have rebelled against their promises to support and defend the clearly written words of the u.s. constitution. the 14th amendment is about race and about individuals, not couples. we are getting reaction from both sides of the country. a lot of it very positive with this historic supreme court ruling. the governor has a statement:
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>> you will remember back when jerry brown was attorney general, he refused to defend proposition 8. now that he is governor, again, of california certainly his acceptance and joy over today's ruling is not a surprise. but he took a very strong stand against proposition 8 as did kamala harris, when she became attorney general when jerry brown became governor. >> that's right. and chief justice roberts really left no doubt on where he stood on his dissent. he said, quote here celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner, celebrate the availability of new benefits. but do not celebrate the constitution. it had nothing to do with it. end quote. >> we are going to take you now to the castro district in san francisco.
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we have been showing you what's happening in city hall. i can only imagine the scene is the same if not more if where you are, alex savage on market. >> reporter: when word came down from the supreme court this morning that gay marriage was legal in all 50 states, you can well imagine people took to the streets here in the castro in san francisco to celebrate. these two are celebrating. you have your flag going. this is jim and robert. good morning to you. >> thank you. >> let me start with you. what does this mean to you and what brought out here this morning? >> i want to celebrate with my people. it's a outstanding, um, it's validation for my love for my husband that no one else i don't think can appreciate but us. but have it recognized by the
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united states, it just makes me feel good. >> i want to give a little background. you don't live in san francisco. you came here from mesa, arizona. you're here in town for pride weekend, obviously. >> correct. >> and then this decision comes down. >> yes. >> and your first thought, robert, this morning when you heard about the supreme court ruling was, i want to get somewhere and celebrate? >> absolutely! we have talked to other people around here also. we have to be here. we have to be here. particularly anybody who has been part of the argument who has been out there talking to people, being an example for others that you can come out and, um, it's -- we had to be here. we had to be here. we had no choice. >> you are one of the first to gather here on the corner and wave the rainbow flag this morning. >> yes. >> and pretty soon you had a good sized crowd. what was that like to see the crowd? probably 80 to 100 people? >> again, it's -- it's -- it's
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tremendous support, you know? everyone is reacting the same way. i got off the elevator at a hotel this morning carrying this parachute. and people are going, yay! you know? congratulations everywhere. >> you were legally married here in california back in 2009. what changes for you? does anything change? [ pause ] >> legal status. legal status. something happens to me, jim has some of my social security. if something happens to him, i have his pension. i have some of his social security. it makes all the difference in the world. >> estate planning and hospital visits. there's just so many things that we can't be denied now as a legally married couple. >> and to know that all couples same-sex couples have those same rights. >> correct. >> what this day is all about for you. >> yes. >> we appreciate you taking the
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time to join us this morning. and sorry, i called it a flag. it's a parachute. >> it's a parachute. >> my mistake. >> can you see it? go across the outback with this. >> are you going parachuting later? >> i have but not today. >> you feel like jumping, right? >> yes. oh, yes. >> celebrating jumping for joy. >> yes. >> thank you very much. this is jim and robert joining us live this morning here on morning side 2. so as you can well imagine, a feeling of elation in the castro this morning and especially you have a lot of out of town visitors like this couple here in town for pride festivities and even more reason to celebrate. >> alex, i don't know if jim and robert are still there but i'm struck by how we grew up in the east bay in '70s and '80s with one experience. if the gentlemen are still there, can you ask them, going back to the moment they realized they were gay or at the very early childhood did
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they ever think a day like today would come? >> the question was posed by gasia here, you -- did you ever think you would see this day? was there a time when you thought you would never -- you didn't think you would see this in your lifetime? >> no, you know, um, what -- when i realized i was gay, years and years ago, i never -- i never thought about getting married or i -- i just knew i was different. and then when i did fall in love, that is the first time, you know, and i realized there was a difference and i wasn't happy that there was a difference. um,. >> at first i imagine all you wanted was acceptance? >> right. yes. aha. it was like, you know, i have five siblings and everything
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and their spouses would come and be invited and, um, and not that my parents ever -- they have been excellent to robert and everything. but it just -- i -- a marriage -- yes, a marriage certificate just -- it makes a difference. >> i was committed to a mental institution when i was -- [ pause ] >> -- still get emotional about this. when i was 15. i make lies up to people about where i was at for two years i was in a mental institution for being gay. did i ever think this was going to happen in my lifetime? absolutely not. while i was sit there is with the bugs and everything else that you see in the movies, yes, no, no, no. no. everything -- never. >> now here you are. >> yes. >> feels like a dream. >> oh, absolutely. >> it is a dream. it is a dream. >> yeah. >> living the dream. >> thank you, guys, very much for joining us. as you can see, gasia, a lot of
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people very emotional. >> oh, alex, i could -- i could listen to jim and robert talk all day long! thank you so much! >> going to have to invite them back to the bay area. >> let's go have bloody marys with the couple that's getting married at city hall. >> get some breakfast. >> sounds fantastic. >> i love orphan andy's over there by the way. >> that's good for breakfast right there. >> love that place. sounds so good. >> moving forward, the decision from the supreme court comes as hundreds of thousands of people head to san francisco to celebrate pride festivities. the transgender community will hold a march from dolores park at 6:00 tonight. in the meantime last-minute preparations are under way for sunday's parade. 30 floats are being built with 15 truckloads of styrofoam, 200 pounds of glitter and 500 gallons of paint. we'll of course be live streaming the parade on our website, later today volunteers will be taking part in another pride tradition. the setup of the pink triangle
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on san francisco's twin peaks. today they will set up the outline and tomorrow volunteers will install the triangle. and that's going to stay on display through the weekend. that's going to be up and it's a pink triangle that was the symbol used to identify gay people who were persecuted and killed in concentration camps in nazi germany. supporters say it's important to remember the past while working toward a better future. this by the way the 20th year for the pink triangle. >> and tomorrow night at the annual street party in the castro, this year there's going to be some changes. you think? the party will start and end earlier than in the past years because of safety concerns. the sisters of perpetual indulgence put on the party with private funds up until now but they withdrew from the event citing concerns about violent attacks in recent years. in order to keep the celebration from getting canceled, the city's lgbt community center took over the event and for the first time, it will be funded by taxpayer dollars. and now the commercialism begins! [ laughter ] >> it's snowballing. >> exactly.
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not even two hours later companies showing their pride and support of the supreme court ruling, you see here ben & jerry ice cream just released this picture one of the most popular ice cream flavors, ben & jerry have renamed it i dough i dough. they are celebrating the landmark supreme court ruling. i saw a tweet by a company that makes graham crackers and they had a setup of what looked like the american -- well, the map of the united states, each state with a graham cracker all colored the same saying we're proud to be part of a country where love is love and so it's -- 9:20 and the commercialism has begun. a sweet sentiment from ben & jerry's. >> if you log on to google they are showing their support for what happened this morning, as well. >> uber showing their support. talking about commercialism on the uber app there are rainbow trails coming from rideshare cars. rideshare service has been a
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vocal advocate for gay rights. last year uber picked up couples in san francisco who wanted to tie the knot during pride weekend. >> and i understand we are just moments perhaps away from the beginning of the news conference at san francisco city hall. if we can we'll show you what it was like in washington, dc outside the supreme court. you see the supporters of same- sex marriage getting the news. it was a 5-4 decision. the opinion written by justice kennedy that legalizes same-sex marriage in all 50 states. >> i am so pleased that with the court's decision today, we as a country can finally turn the page from national discrimination to a new era of equality when it comes to recognizing our relationships. this is not just a good day for lesbian, gay, bisexual
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transgender people, asame-sex couples, this is a good day for the country. >> we had a professor from a school of law say essentially the ruling doesn't take effect for three weeks but already we are hearing that weddings are getting under way in atlanta following the ruling. texas couples are getting licenses. also the kentucky governor telling county clerks to issue the licenses. >> happening quick. earlier, we had heard from democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. while republican candidates are now weighing in on the ruling, as well. former florida governor jeb bush issued this statement here saying, quote, guided by my faith, i believe in traditional marriage. i believe the supreme court should have allowed the states to make this decision. want to go to san francisco now where the press conference with mayor lee and other city officials is getting under way now. as you can see, mayor lee about to take the podium. he is getting all the city leaders out there this morning for this historic day. the big rainbow flag hanging proudly in front of city hall this morning. lots of tears of joy.
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here's lee. >> good morning, san francisco! >> we want to waited for everybody. they are still hugging each other inside san francisco city hall. >> whoo! >> come on all out everyone. before we begin, i just wanted to give a special thanks to tom taylor and gilbert baker for this wonderful beautiful rainbow flag!! >> whoo! >> thank you, tom and gilbert. >> also want to give a shout out the to evelyn and walter haas junior fund for helping us in this equality support. >> it's june 26. something must be happening. [ laughter ]
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>> did you feel the earth shake this morning? well, i just wanted to tell you that i don't think it was an earthquake. but i do believe it was the scales of justice tipping. and it was the arc of our history being bent. that's what we felt this morning. >> you know, san francisco, we've always been proud of our role in leading the nation and perhaps the world in the challenge to foster equality, acceptance and tolerance for all people. we're a city that celebrates diversity every day and everyone who lives here. yes. [ applause ] >> and it is this diversity that brings people from all
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over the world to celebrate with us. we are once again changing the world changing how people everywhere think about committed loving relationships and the definition of marriage. and we are also redefining how we define family and how children of lgbt parents should be treated equally as the other parents are. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] we have stood together witnesses to history as the supreme court ruled that every same-sex couple across america has the freedom to marry. >> whoo! >> at long last, ladies and gentlemen, marriage equality in the united states of america. [ applause and cheers ]
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>> we-we started this movement in san francisco. we kept the momentum going. throughout the state of california. it didn't stop until we reached all 50 states. so that couple in america can be married. now every, single state in our union. we have been relentless in our focus to ensure equality for everyone across the nation. and now the united states joins ireland and 18 other countries!! [ applause and cheers ] >> >> for marriage quality! [ applause and cheers ] >> >> we are now moving our world in the right direction. [ applause ] >> well, san francisco has always been the lead in the lgbt movement. and we are a city that is committed to equality for everyone. and we have come a long way. we have a lot to celebrate in this pride month. equality without exception!! >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ]
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>> this is our city hall. this is your house. this is the people's palace where so many loving couples have come to wed. i think we can all agree that today's remarkable moment of history would not have come were it not for the first marriage, the wonderful dell martin and phyllis lyons. [ applause ] >> and then again, the thousands of other couples that we have had shared opportunity to marry and to be part of their marriage performed in this very building since 2004 and again in 2008. yes, i want to say thank you to my predecessors, gavin newsom! [ applause and cheers ] >> i want to say thank you to willie brown when he was
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working at the state. >> thank you to art agnos when we was mayor and he did work. lita pelosi our city attorney dennis herrera all his wonderful work. [ applause and cheers ] >> senator mark leno! >> whoo! >> thank you for your leadership. supervisors weinerer in and campos thank you for your leadership. i'm so glad that we can have this moment. and i want to introduce someone who has been working tirelessly whose heart has always been with people, been there, constantly advised us at city hall about what can and should happen. what can possibly happen. and we enjoyed a moment this morning where we talked about how lucky it would be to be a law student these days.
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[ laughter ] >> because now we get to read about our own united history. let me welcome to the podium, kate kendall the national center for lesbian rights. [ applause and cheers ] >> it's a hell of a day! it's a hell of a day, you, you, you, you, you, you! look what you did! look what you did. today, today america walks the talk. of equal justice under law. >> whoo! >> today, today millions of families are more secure and validated. today, our freedom to marry the person that we love is vindicated. today the in every corner of
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our nation, every lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender person can breathe deeply and walk a little taller. today the ground has shifted. and for the first time in history, with a relationship of same-sex couples enjoy the same dignity and respect as anyone else justice and love won today. [ applause and cheers ] >> and make no mistake. make no mistake. much of what we won today started here. this is what you did. today is what you did. you made today possible. you're the reason we're standing here. every sacrifice, and i know because i know many of you, and i know the stories from across the country, the sacrifices made by


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